Solar Energy Might be Your Best Alternative!

Certainly you’ve heard much about solar energy but always thought it was too expensive, aside from minor uses in the now popular gadgets like mobile phone chargers. However, with fuel price climbing and solar cells becoming more efficient, adding solar power to your home is a great, long term solution to power outage and crazy Continue Reading ….

Solar Electricity or Inverter System?

Not sure whether to install a solar electricity or power inverter system? Here’s a simple guide for you to make a guided decision as you plan to install an alternative power solution. knowing the exact system which is appropriate for your energy demand, would save you a lot of cash. Recently, i was able to Continue Reading ….

Extra Low Voltage Systems (ELVS)

Extra Low Voltage Systems – What you should know. Have you ever approached a building and just a few steps to the entrance, the door slides open for you to come in without human aid? I experience this every time I visit the mall or some assorted buildings. There are some buildings whereby, whenever you Continue Reading ….

Solar Energy Basics

Our entire world is being sustained by energy and it is said to be the ability to do work. The absence of energy, will gradually bring our life to a halt. Energy can be likened to strenght, just as in the case of an athlete running a marathon race, at certain intervals he takes in Continue Reading ….